XPower is an industry leader when it comes to supplying services to the Victorian Major Electrical Companies and other contractors across the Victorian Electrical Distribution Network (VEDN)


XPower's safety record is second to none.  Our Integrated Management System incorporates detailed policies, procedures and work instructions to ensure we always find the safest and most efficient way to complete tasks set.

All team members are VESI/VEDN trained to meet VESI/VEDN skills and training requirements.

XPower is an approved & accredited VEDN civil contractor and is ISO accredited in Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental & Quality Management.  XPower provide a range of services including:

  • Hydro Excavation, NDD (Non Destructive Digging)

  • Pole Holes,  Augers 450mm-600mm

  • Guy Log, Screw Anchors and Face or Side Logs

  • CMEN and Separate Earthing (Rock and Clay)

  • Digital Asset Location

  • Road Opening's

  • Concrete Cutting

  • Excavating and Trenching

  • Pipe Installation, Sand and Protective Cover Installation

  • Boring in Clay and Rock

  • Rockbreaking

  • Crane Trucks

  • Cable Winching

  • Tip Trucks

  • Bobcats

  • Sand, Soil and Crushed Rock supply

  • Rock Drilling

  • Installation of Public Lighting, Wood and Concrete Poles


 About us

Don and Sue Miriklis founded the partnership (DH&SF MIRIKLIS) in the 70's, Don was working with SEC (State Electrical Commision) using a bobcat to assist crews to change poles. Harry Miriklis began working in 1992, using a bobcat and backhoe to install electrical supply pits.

Five years later the partnership started trading as MIRIKLIS EARTHMOVING. Stan Miriklis began full time work in 2000 where shortly after the partnership rolled over to a company. On the 17th of May 2004, the company employed its first NON family member Ben McCubbin who is still with us till this day.  

In July 2007, the company was rebranded and became XPOWER and cemented itself in the electrical supply industry. Today we are a successful, hard working family business with numerous dedicated employees.  

We have the desire to continue to grow with the help of positive, reliable and responsible employees.  We strive to offer exceptional services at the most reasonable price to our customer, and aim to always maintain a friendly, professional and safe work environment and strive to achieve our number one goal.... ‘Quality is our Edge’


 Civil Construction

XPower is able to provide professional service when it comes to Civil Construction.

Our Team is highly trained and qualified and is backed with many years experience. 

We understand how regulatory authorities work and know how to get the best results for your project.

XPower delivers expert support when it comes to trenching, boring, directional drilling, pipe and pit installation.



Hydro Excavation (NDD)

XPower has invested in nothing but the best when it comes to our hydro excavators. Our company is committed to providing the best equipment in the industry, with our 8x4 combo boasting 5000L of water and 8 cubic metre debris tank and the NDD (Non destructive digging) pump operates at 8750 PSI.

Our Hydro excavators provide a safe and clean method of excavation. XPower for many years has endured the challenges when dealing with underground assets, therefore giving our trained staff the edge over the competition when it comes to excavation.

The hydro excavator is a NON destructive digging machine, allowing work to be completed safely without re-work. It is also able to clean and remove debris from blocked pipes and pits. All our staff are professional and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

If you require non invasive excavation or something others can't do, XPower is the one for you.




XPower's class leading equipment and multi skilled team members means we can provide fast efficient installation of HV and LV cables whilst protecting the integrity of cable at all times. 

All our team members are highly skilled in underground infrastructure, using the best equipment, expert knowledge and experience to deliver an end result that exceeds expectations.

XPower uses plasma or FSWR in conjunction with rollers, conduit chute's, feed rollers, corner rollers and ground rollers to install cables in open trenches, conduits or even underground tunnels.



Rock Drilling/Proline (Peru)

Our newest addition to the XPower fleet is our Proline (PERU) and Rockdrill. This is able to dig 450mm, 500mm and 600mm holes in all soil and rock conditions to depths in excess of 3m.

We are able to transport and install a wide variety of public lighting, wood and concrete poles up to 20m.