About us

Don and Sue Miriklis founded the partnership (DH&SF MIRIKLIS) in the 70's, Don was working with SEC (State Electrical Commision) using a bobcat to assist crews to change poles. Harry Miriklis began working in 1992, using a bobcat and backhoe to install electrical supply pits.

Five years later the partnership started trading as MIRIKLIS EARTHMOVING. Stan Miriklis began full time work in 2000 where shortly after the partnership rolled over to a company. On the 17th of May 2004, the company employed its first NON family member Ben McCubbin who is still with us till this day.  

In July 2007, the company was rebranded and became XPOWER and cemented itself in the electrical supply industry. Today we are a successful, hard working family business with numerous dedicated employees.  

We have the desire to continue to grow with the help of positive, reliable and responsible employees.  We strive to offer exceptional services at the most reasonable price to our customer, and aim to always maintain a friendly, professional and safe work environment and strive to achieve our number one goal....