Hydro Excavation (NDD)

XPower has invested in nothing but the best when it comes to our hydro excavators. Our company is committed to providing the best equipment in the industry, with our 8x4 combo boasting 5000L of water and 8 cubic metre debris tank and the NDD (Non destructive digging) pump operates at 8750 PSI.

Our Hydro excavators provide a safe and clean method of excavation. XPower for many years has endured the challenges when dealing with underground assets, therefore giving our trained staff the edge over the competition when it comes to excavation.

The hydro excavator is a NON Destructive digging machine, allowing work to be completed safely without re-work. It is also able to clean and remove debris from blocked pipes and pits. All our staff are professional and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

If you require non evasive excavation or something others can't do, XPower is the one for you.